[ REE-YAH ] [ Hoh-m ] [ port-foh-lio ] BRANDING

A non-profit organization that uses their donated funds to purchase 3D printers for other organizations in need. When supplies run low, they can easily print out more materials, medical supplies, or tools without sacrificing any time.


This year they are partnering up with Doctors without Borders.

A modern miniature cookie store that has adapted to our "always on the move" lifestyle. This unique bakery is based around New York.


With a one of a kind cookie packaging, one can say that it surely isn't the way the cookie crumbles.

An application that allows you to pay it forward with compliments. A little Pep is a card with a QR code. On the application on your phone, you can track where your card has been and read the stories of whose lives it has touched.


There's only 100 in the world. So, let's change the world A Little Pep at a time

An on-line clothing store where each piece of clothing has a story. You base your clothing choice on the fable that it is attached to.


Here you are encouraged to judge a book by it's cover.


uhmm..they are ads...need I say more?

Motion Personal Projects

I asked 300 random people on reddit what their one true wish is. I designed an info-graph based on the category in which the wish corresponds to and the wishers age.


What's your one true wish?

At the peak of my quarter-life crisis, I decided to draw everyday for 365 days. I felt that it was/is the only thing I can control in my life.


I had so much power!

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